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Marc Jacobs

Peer Pressure with Marc Jacobs

Age (Date of Birth): 21/11/1989

Country: New Zealand

Local Kite Spot: Auckland, NZ

Sponsors: North, Mystic , Andoo, Lab7

Top Result: First place at King of the Air

Kiwi Marc Jacobs is the reigning Red Bull King of the Air. He celebrated his 32nd birthday in style when he beat three-time champion Kevin Langeree and rookie Stig Hoefnagel in an action-packed final in Cape Town, South Africa. The twelve time national New Zealand champion is no stranger to the podium having won PKRA world tour events in 2013 and 2014. Surgery for a ruptured knee meniscus and a blown eardrum in 2014 didn’t keep Jocobs on the sideline for long. We asked a few of Marc’s friends to help us interview him in this issue’s Peer Pressure.

Marc Jacobs performs during the Red Bull King Of The Air in Cape Town, South Africa on November 21, 2021. // Craig Kolesky / Red Bull Content Pool

Hayden Jonas: How many supplements and vitamins do you consume before breakfast?

Marc Jacobs: Hahaha quite a few. I’m a bit of a health freak. 

Hayden Jonas: Do you wax or shave your legs?

Marc Jacobs: 100 per cent shave. Wax is intense. For KOTA I already have my legs well trimmed.

Hayden Jonas: How good does it feel to know you have the golden caddy for next KOTA?

Marc Jacobs: It’s amazing. I trust you 100 per cent and that is a massive stress reliever for myself. Let’s get your third title! 

Luca Ceruti: Where does ye na ye na come from?

Marc Jacobs: Haha, it all started with the number one caddy for KOTA. Hayden my caddy always says this.

Luca Ceruti: What’s your biggest stress reliever before a competition? 

Marc Jacobs: Just living in the moment, controlling my breathing and listening to the right music to keep me calm before my heat. 

Luca Ceruti: Did you ever get Jetto a Red Bull KOTA chick at the after party? 

Marc Jacobs: Haha poor Jetto didn’t have much luck I’m afraid. Jetto didn’t find a girlfriend in Africa I’m afraid.

Marc Jacobs wins the Red Bull King Of The Air in Cape Town, South Africa on November 21, 2021. // Tyrone Bradley / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202111210612 // Usage for editorial use only //

Jetto Kawano: When is your baby?  

Marc Jacobs: Haha maybe in a few years little big Marcy J will come.

Jetto Kawano: How’s it going after winning King of the Air? 

Marc Jacobs: Feels good to achieve my dream, but I have new goals in place now I want to achieve.

Jetto Kawano: Are you still sending it?

Marc Jacobs: 100 per cent mate. Always a full time sender!  

Mark Harrison: What’s the longest period you think you’ve gone without being in the sea? 

Marc Jacobs: Three months was my longest time because I had to get knee surgery on my meniscus. 

Mark Harrison: I know chicken’s your favourite food, how many chickens do you think you eat a week? 

Marc Jacobs: Haha, I’d say a few chickens for sure. 

Mark Harrison: How big a part do you think keeping on top of working out, supplements and cutting weight for KOTA played on your rise to the top?

Marc Jacobs: A massive part. If I didn’t diet I wouldnt have won and couldn’t have ridden like I did in KOTA. The gym is incredibly important too. Keeping strong on and off the water is a must to prevent any injury.

Jason Montreal: With the progression of big air in the last 18 months how do you keep up with the current standard while being so remote in NZ?

Marc Jacobs: Being very self motivated is my strength. I always compete against myself. Of course I see what everyone is doing online. And if I can’t do it I’ll learn it in my next session. I am willing to learn it all and have no weakness.  

Jason Montreal: Short lines look great on Instagram, but do you think they help prepare a big air rider for competition? Should we have a dedicated short lines comp?

Marc Jacobs: You could possibly make it to the semis. But I can’t see anyone winning an event on short lines unless they change the judging height percentage. Or make a specific event for short line riders.

Kitesurfing Magazine: What motivates you on the water? 

Marc Jacobs: The water is my happy place. So it only makes sense to spend an endless amount of time doing what I love. 

KM: What is your off-the-water training like? 

MJ: Intense. I would say I train harder off the water than on. That’s because I don’t get to kite everyday relying on the wind. I normally spend 2 hours in the gym six days a week. 

Kevin Langeree, Marc Jacobs and Stig Hoegnagel celebrate the podium at Red Bull King Of The Air in Cape Town, South Africa on November 21, 2021.

Any recommendations for learning new tricks?

MJ: Once you feel comfortable doing your current tricks, the new tricks will eventually come. You always have to push past the fear stage on the first time trying. If you don’t struggle with this you’ll progress quite fast. I find when learning tricks it’s best to figure out why I crashed. What did I do wrong? Study other riders’ videos and learn the movements. And feel it out by visualization first before trying on the water.

What would you say to anyone wanting to learn to kite? 

MJ: 100 per cent go for it. Kitesurfing is such an amazing sport. After 17 years of doing it I still get excited like a kid on Christmas. 

What inspires you? 

I’ve always been very self-motivated. And from a young age I tried many sports. Kitesurfer stood out by far for me and I knew it was my sport from a young age. As soon as I got my first kiteboarding equipment it’s all I did. And it has all paid off doing it as a professional now. It’s  my dream job.

What do you like about big air competition?

Big air in my eyes is true kiteboarding. There is no other sport which comes close to big air kitesurfing. The feeling I get from doing big air tricks is a full rush of adrenaline and it gets very addictive!

How did you get to where you are today?

MJ: Being highly motivated and consistent. I never gave up on my goals or dreams. If you want something bad enough go for it. Don’t listen to anyone else has to say, chase your dreams. If you want it bad enough eventually it will happen. Be patient and enjoy the process.

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