Foil Performance 

The Thruster is the new high performance freeride foil of the Liquid Force lineup. Paired with the Galaxy foil board, this was one of the most dialed set ups fusing higher comfortable cruising speed with smooth and controlled carving through a very broad range of speed. The Thruster Foil was smooth and quicker to plane and quite stable even at lower speeds. Its size resembles more of a race foil but performance wise it still has some super smooth carving and can cruise and stay powered at surprisingly comfortable slower speeds. It is built with carbon front and back wings and built within the Liquid Force modular mast wing and fuselage system. Liquid Force has wings and masts for learning to foil and taking it to the next level and the Thruster has the next level of freeride performance. For riders that learned last season with the lower aspect foils, this a great option to upgrade your quiver.