Kitesurfing at the NORTH CAPE!

“Arthur called me to ask if I wanted to kitesurf at the North Cape in Norway. My first answer was YES let’s do it. But I never knew it was going to be so tough to kite. 2 hours of sunlight a day, ice cold Barents sea, super gusty wind and all the local fisherman telling me not to go out… Wow this is quite a crazy challenge. But thanks to the amazing team around me we found a spot to go in the water safely and kitesurf at the NORTH CAPE. With this I want to create awareness for a charity called Serious Request.”—Kevin Langeree
We are still trying to raise as much money as possible so every little donation will help.
Special thanks to the team that made this trip and movie possible:
Humberto Tan
Produced by: Raw Inc.
Camera & Edit: Michael Zomer
Additional footage: Diederik Hijmans & Floris Tils