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InstructionalBeginnerKiteboarding Rights of Way

Kiteboarding Rights of Way

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Summary of the key points:

Give way if:

1. Coming in and people are launching
2. Riding on port take (left hand forward)
3. Riding faster, overtake downwind

Passing kitesurfers:
– UPWIND kitesurfer, kite HIGH
– DOWNWIND kitesurfer, kite LOW

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This is an exert taken from the Riding & Staying Upwind video, which is part of the Progression Kiteboarding Beginner Collection – available as a separate mobile download or the full DVD.

The Riding & Staying Upwind chapter has over 30 minutes of instruction and helps beginner kitesurfers move on from wobbly first runs, gain control of the board and kite through proper edging, balance, stance and ultimately mastering riding upwind – saving you from the dreaded walk of shame up the beach in-between runs! As always we give you an in-depth break down of every step of the trick, looking at your kite & bar, board & legs, head and shoulder.& our definitive common mistakes section.

See the corresponding blog post which gives further details on rights of way:… you-have-the-right-of-way/

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