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From The MagIn-DepthBruna Kajiya - Interview with the 3x Kitesurfing Freestyle Champion

Bruna Kajiya – Interview with the 3x Kitesurfing Freestyle Champion


Victory in Qatar: A Deep Dive with 3x Kitesurfing Freestyle Champion Bruna Kajiya

Interviewed by John Bryja, Kitesurfing Magazine’s Publisher

John Bryja: Congratulations on the recent victory, Bruna. What’s your take on Fuwairit Kite Beach as the newest kiteboarding hotspot?

Bruna Kajiya: Fuwairit is an excellent spot for freestyle kiteboarding, mainly due to its flat water and clean wind. Although varying tides can pose a challenge, it’s a place where I believe I truly shine.

JB: Speaking of challenges, tell us about the extra work you put in to secure this win.

BK: I invested heavily in physical training, combining gym work, kiting, yoga, and stretching. The type of training varies depending on the season—whether I need strength, agility, or mobility. I’ve also had great coaches, mostly through my sponsor, Red Bull, guiding me through.

JB: Red Bull seems to have played a significant role in your journey.

BK: Absolutely. Red Bull provides more than financial support. They offer resources like physiotherapists, rehab specialists, and training centers. Their support, especially during my three knee surgeries—the last being three years ago—was invaluable.

JB: Knee surgeries are tough. How was the rehab process?

BK: It’s brutal, especially if you aim to regain full motion. Consistency is key. You need to push through, even on difficult days. It’s about perseverance and, ultimately, recovery.

JB: Shifting to the competition, there’s buzz around the new format. What are your thoughts?

BK: The new format aims for more variety in tricks and encourages riders to incorporate different styles. Although it’s still in adaptation, the goal is simplifying it for riders and spectators, ensuring the best rider still comes out on top.

JB: How did the competition in Qatar compare to your previous wins?

BK: Every win has its flavor. With the back-to-back wins in earlier years, I felt happiness. However, this victory in Qatar felt sweeter, probably due to the extra effort and the obstacles I overcame. It’s a win I’ll cherish forever.

JB: Lastly, a casual note from the transcript I have here—you mentioned flying business class with Qatar airlines for the first time?

BK: (Laughs) Yes! It was like I wasn’t even traveling. The comfort was next level—a bed, superb service. Experiencing Qatar’s hospitality in the air and on land was phenomenal.

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