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TechnologyINOBO - Clear Carbon Kiteboards

INOBO – Clear Carbon Kiteboards

There is a new kitesurfing company making some really sick looking custom twin tip kiteboards. INOBO started selling boards directly from their workshop in France to consumers this past September.

“INOBO is not just a board, it’s a combination of a carbon exoskeleton and a deck. We completely change the structure of a classic kiteboard, and nobody has done that before. On one hand, the carbon exoskeleton ensures stiffness to the board, whereas on the other hand, the deck enables you to go from a comfy, steady board to a playfull and dynamic one depending on the deck you choose. The range of decks we suggest varies on size, shape and material (transparent, wood or carbon) and by combining one to the exoskeleton, you are shaping your board as you like it to be.”


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