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Ian Alldredge

Born: June 19, 1988

Ian Alldredge, at 23 years of age, has already been featured more in SBC Kiteboard magazine than any other rider. Hailing for Santa Barbara, his strapless airs are turning heads both in the kiteboarding world and in the surf industry. On the competition front, Alldredge won both  the 2009, and 2010 surf division at the Triple-S. His TDZ video series has been received with rave reviews, and are among the most watched videos on He has been nominated for the 2011 AWSI Kiteboarder of the year award. 

Year kiting: 9

Style: Strapless

Favorite destinations: Indonesia, Micronesia, Australia, Africa, Hawaii and California.

Goals: Push the limits of riding waves to the highest level and to bridge the gap between surfing and kitesurfing.

Other interests: Anything that involves the ocean.

Sponsors: BWS, Oxbow, TDZ

If kitesurfing were a poker game, Ian Alldredge would be at the final table, holding an ace-high royal flush, with a mountain of chips sitting in front of him. —SBC Kiteboard Magazine

“I regard Ian as the best air guy in the world right now, his airs are just like the ones the best surf guys do, he is leading the way in innovation and forward thinking of where kitesurfing should be and to top it off he is super humble and approachable”. Explains Ben Wilson

“I have been drawing parallels between Ian and surfers like Jordy Smith and Dane Reynolds for years now. Just like these guys, Ian is at the forefront of kitesurfing and as I look to the future of our sport, I see the integration of kites into the average surfers quiver and one thing you can bet on, they will be all be watching Ian Alldredge to see what is possible with a surfboard and a kite.” Says Jason Wolcott

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