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InstructionalBeginnerSelf-Landing Kiteboarding Tips from Damien LeRoy and Evan Netsch

Self-Landing Kiteboarding Tips from Damien LeRoy and Evan Netsch

Kiteboarding is a thrilling sport that combines elements of surfing, wakeboarding, and flying a kite. However, one of the most challenging and essential skills every kiteboarder should master is self-landing. In a recent video, seasoned kiteboarding professionals Damien Leroy and Evan Netsch delve into this vital technique.

The Importance of Proper Launch and Landing

“The most important things in kitesurfing revolve around launching and landing. And today, we’re emphasizing the proper ways to launch, land, and importantly, how to self-land your kite.”

“Even pros sometimes think they’re too cool and can handle everything. But the most crucial tip? If there’s someone nearby, have them help you land.”

Understanding the Wind Direction

“Know where the wind is coming from,” Damien emphasizes. “Today, the wind’s direction allows us to land the kite just like a standard launch and landing – always at a 90-degree angle to the wind.”

Evan then demonstrates the self-landing method. “Accelerate the kite to surge it into the window, pull on the center lines, making it drop softly,” he explains.

The Technique

Damien breaks down the process:

  1. Accelerate the Kite: This moves the kite to the edge of the window.
  2. Grab the Center Lines: This action makes the kite surge and prompts it to come down.
  3. Utilize the Upper Line: By grabbing the upper line, the kite is manipulated to sit in front of the window.

Evan chimes in, “Practicing on a lightweight day is the key. Learn it properly in calm conditions before trying it in windy scenarios.”

Safety First

Both Damien and Evan emphasize the importance of safety. Damien mentions, “If things go south, remember your safety releases. Don’t be too cool to use them. They’re powerful and essential.”

Evan adds, “Often, you might be the last person on the water. How do you get your kite down safely, especially if no one is around? Always prioritize safety. If possible, tether the kite to a ground spike or a sturdy object.”

Practical Tips for Self-Landing

Evan provides a step-by-step approach:

  1. Check the Environment: Ensure no one’s around, and look for potential hazards.
  2. Examine the Landing Spot: Avoid sharp or harmful objects.
  3. Clear Center Lines: This ensures safe landing and facilitates the use of safety releases.
  4. Maintain Momentum: Bring the kite down with speed, pulling the front lines to move it out of the power zone.
  5. Be Ready for Mishaps: If the kite bounces back, be prepared to pull the quick release.

Finally, Damien concludes, “While self-landing is essential, remember it’s a last-resort method. Always prioritize safety and enjoy your time on the water!”

The article captures the essence of the self-landing technique as presented by Damien Leroy and Evan Netsch. It’s clear that while self-landing is an essential skill, safety should always come first in kiteboarding.

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