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NewsGIN KITEBOARDING & SP80: Chasing Uncharted Speeds

GIN KITEBOARDING & SP80: Chasing Uncharted Speeds

The quest for speed has been an enduring human endeavor. But the latest challenge, initiated by the SP80 team, is the most exhilarating of them all: breaking the world speed sailing record! And Gin Kiteboarding, are stoked to be an intrinsic part of this historic journey.

The world speed sailing record, as of now, stands at an imposing 65.45 knots, a benchmark set by Paul Larsen in 2012. The SP80 team, comprising gifted EPFL engineers and students, has a singular aim – to surpass this record by sailing at 80 knots (150 km/h). This daunting task requires innovation and precision, for which they are developing a trimaran boat that uses wind as its exclusive power source.

But there’s a twist.

Traditional sails can’t endure the sheer load to hit such speeds. Enter: Gin Kiteboarding’s kites. These are not your standard kites, but highly specialized ones, tailored to the boat and designed to endure immense loads at incredible speeds. Hans Bollinger, Gin’s kitefoil engineer, has been tirelessly innovating and crafting kites that span 20 to 50m2 in surface area. These kites, synchronized with a steering wheel inside the boat’s cockpit, are the pioneering force driving the boat.

For those eager to witness this union of science, innovation, and sport, 2023 holds the promise of an unprecedented adventure. Stay tuned, as Gin Kiteboarding and SP80 team up to rewrite history!

For an in-depth dive into this riveting journey, check out the in-depth story here. 🌊🌬️🏄‍♂️

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