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F-One LINXBAR Review

The Linxbar is not just another control bar system in the market; it stands out as a highly streamlined and refined choice, designed for those who prioritize smooth driving control. On first touch, the bar impresses with its comfortable EVA grip. The ergonomic shaping of this grip, combined with its easy color coding, makes it very user-friendly, even in high-pressure situations.

A significant advantage of the Linxbar is its main center line, which uses a rectangular PU sheath. This sheath ensures low friction sheeting, a critical feature that prevents painful pinches, especially when fingers are near the stainless insert. A nod to its user-centric design is the Quick Release cup – easy to assemble and engage, a detail which experienced kitesurfers will appreciate. In essence, the Linxbar control system stands as an epitome of simplicity and effectiveness. The bar floats, which are streamlined, house the adjustable bar length ends and leader lines, adding to the system’s seamless design.

Linxbar’s grip offers an interesting tactile experience. While it has a rubbery feel with a fine texture, it manages to provide a firm base for the palm while ensuring a soft, cushioned touch for the fingers wrapped around the bar. This balance of firmness and cushioning is critical for long-duration usage, making the experience less taxing for the user.

Functionality is at the core of Linxbar’s design. The integrated floats at the bar ends facilitate easy bar size adjustments. This adjustability doesn’t just stop at the bar size but extends to the back lines length as well.

The bar also scores high on durability. The introduction of a lifeline in a new rectangular depower sheath is an excellent innovation. This feature minimizes wear and tear by preventing the centerline from rubbing against the aluminum tube and ensures that the user’s fingers are always protected.

One of the bar’s highlights is its depower system, now made thinner for increased precision. The stainless-steel cleat above the bar has been updated, emphasizing simplicity. Users also have the flexibility to switch between a low and high V, compatible with various kite models. High V for the BANDIT, BANDIT S, BULLIT, BREEZE V1 and TRUST. Low V for the TRIGGER, BREEZE V2 & V3, ONE, and FURTIVE.

Safety hasn’t been overlooked either. An additional float placed above the depower system ensures positive buoyancy, a critical feature if one gets disconnected from the bar.

The clear color coding, with its distinct orange and dark blue indicators, makes the system intuitive, reducing the chances of errors. The lines, ending in lark’s head loops, easily attach to the bridles’ connectors. With features like the new minimalist below-the-bar lifeline swivel and the adjustable bar length, the Linxbar seamlessly combines functionality, durability, and user experience, setting new standards in control bar systems.


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