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FreerideELEVEIGHT RS Review


Smooth power delivery, versatile for freeride with the boost and range driven by a proven Delta shaped, three-strut platform.

SIZES TESTED(m): 9, 12 / SIZES AVAILABLE(m): 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17 / CONTROL SYSTEM: CSeries

Eleveight is the industry’s newest kite brand and has entered the market with a high performance, four kite model range to cover every discipline. The RS is their freeride crossover kite that promises great versatility, with big jumping, high end power and freeride performance for any level of rider. Designed by an experienced team of designers and industry professionals, Eleveight enters the market with some solid performance, some generationally mature and proven kite designs. The RS has some great low end power and has the well rounded performance you should expect form a freeride kite that offers accessible performance for most kite disciplines. The RS design features a three-strut Delta shaped kite with swept tips and a power band that offers big jumps, with plenty of hang time. It has some great upwind performance and smooth and fast pulling speed. It’s a medium aspect ratio design that offers some quick and smooth turning and has solid and even pull through the pivot. The experience of the Eleveight design team definitely shines through the RS with attention to detail in all aspects of construction and kite performance. From the look to the construction the RS is ready for anything. The CSeries control bar is also a clean 4-line bar that is light and streamlined. The RS is suited to intermediate to advanced level freeride enthusiasts that want a well rounded kite for dabbling in any kite discipline. 

The RS is a bit less reactive in the lower wind range, but given the power it has great pop and boost. 

Any rider that wants a forgiving, stable and easy to handle kite that can handle a variety of freeride conditions. Excellent range and great low end power with big boost and hang time that will excite anyone looking to dial in those old school dangle and board-off tricks.

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