Editor Note – Changes

Our lives are changing in ways we could never have imagined. The global spread of COVID-19 has changed the way we kite. Our collective actions are helping protect the most vulnerable in our families, and in society. Our social distancing is helping healthcare workers maintain some semblance of a functioning health care system. There will be stretches of time when we can’t kite, and hopefully many more where we can. 

When the first wave of this corona hurricane passes, and it will, many may use kitesurfing to clear their minds. Freeing their brains of the hardships that have passed, and the hardships that may still lay ahead. We all enjoy kitesurfing for different reasons, but the mental clarity that kitesurfing brings is undoubtedly a good thing. 

Kitesurfing sessions might be more local for a while. For those of us in the northern States and Canada, a warm wetsuit will be the most tropical thing we do. When we start traveling again, destinations within easy driving distance will possibly be the norm. More of us will be making do with less, using well researched equipment choices to make the most of the conditions in our own backyard. 

One thing in the future is certain; we will all find a responsible way to kitesurf, and maintain a healthy balance in our lives. 

See you on the water,

John Bryja