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Duotone Kitesurfing Magazine Interview

Introduction Welcome to Kitesurfing Magazine’s exclusive interview with John Bryja, the publisher of Kitesurfing Magazine, and the Duotone Design Master, a renowned team writer and top Pro Rider, Sky Solbach. In this interview, we’ll dive into the exciting new additions to Duotone’s kite lineup for 2024, featuring the Rebel SLS, Neo SLS, and Neo Original, as well as their innovative new surfboard, The Volt.

Duotone Rebel SLS (Big Air Machine) Let’s kick things off with the Rebel SLS, Duotone’s dedicated Big Air kite. While the essence of the Rebel remains, there are some exciting updates for 2024. Duotone has reworked the wingtips, introducing a slightly more square tip geometry. This change enhances turning speed, reduces bar load, and allows for smoother kite loops. The Rebel SLS is your go-to choice for massive, lofty jumps and breathtaking kite loops.

Duotone Rebel SLS (Pro Riders’ Pick) The Rebel SLS is a favorite among professional riders who seek big air and incredible looping heights. It complements the Evo d-lab for riders looking for quicker steering and even more extreme tricks. Whether you’re into enormous jumps or single kite loops, the Rebel SLS promises lighter bar feel and exceptional performance.

Duotone Neo SLS (High-Performance Wave and Freeride Kite) Next up, the Neo SLS, an outstanding high-performance wave kite that also excels in freeriding. Compared to the previous version, this kite has received some notable upgrades. With a more square wingtip and a neutral angle of attack, Neo SLS delivers increased turning speed and depower. These enhancements make it an ideal choice for wave riding and even freestyle tricks, as it caters to a broad spectrum of riders.

Duotone Neo Original (Forgiving and Versatile) The Neo Original, new for 2024, receives substantial upgrades after two seasons of fine-tuning. Borrowing elements from the SLS models, it sports a slightly more square wingtip, making it more agile, quick to depower, and responsive. The Dacron material offers a softer feel, ensuring a more forgiving experience. This kite is ideal for learners and schools, thanks to its approachable nature. The canopy features reinforced tips for added durability, making it suitable for educational purposes.

Choosing the Right Drifting Kite For pure down-the-line wave riding, choosing the right drifting kite is crucial. The SLS offers a slightly lighter feel, while the Neo Original provides even better drift. It ultimately depends on your preferences and the feel you’re after. Most performance-oriented riders opt for the SLS, offering an excellent balance of performance and price. However, the Neo Original remains an outstanding choice for wave enthusiasts.

Sky Solbach’s Go-To Kite Sky Solbach, an expert in wave riding, favors the SLS as his daily kite. While he occasionally switches between models for testing purposes, the SLS is his reliable companion for wave conditions. Its performance and versatility make it an excellent choice for various wave spots like Lanes or Hookipa.

Introducing “The Volt” Surfboard Duotone has also unveiled a new surfboard called “The Volt.” Designed for small to medium waves, it features a unique construction aimed at sustainability. The board’s construction includes recycled EPS core, cork shock absorber inlays, and a combination of Basalt and Inegra materials. The bio-resin used further enhances its eco-friendly profile, making it a sustainable choice for riders who care about the environment.

Surfing Small to Medium Waves “The Volt” is perfect for riding small to medium waves, such as those found in the Great Lakes or Hatteras. Its compact design, speed, and excellent grip make it an exciting choice for riders seeking performance in these conditions. The board’s unique bottom shape, with a double concave, offers a thrilling combination of speed and maneuverability.

Choosing the Right Fins When it comes to fins, Duotone provides a versatile medium-sized fin suitable for most conditions. However, some riders opt for smaller boards with larger fins, while others, like Sky, prefer larger boards with smaller fins. Your fin choice can significantly impact your riding style, so feel free to experiment with different options.

In Conclusion Duotone continues to push the boundaries of kite and surfboard design with their 2024 lineup, catering to a wide range of riders and conditions. Whether you’re a big air enthusiast, a wave rider, or someone who values sustainability, Duotone’s offerings have something for everyone. Thanks for joining us for this exclusive Duotone interview, brought to you by Kitesurfing Magazine. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of kitesurfing!

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