Craig Cunningham's favourite North American kiteboarding locations. Bromwich photos

Craig’s List – Favourite North American Kiteboarding Spots


When it’s on it’s on and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world. You can kite in any wind direction at a ton of different spots. My favorite is the good old southwest that has made the Outer Banks famous. Butter flatwater, sideoff, head-high waves and world-class downwinders are what make this place sit at number one for me.

Cape Hatteras Kiteboarding Guide


The most under rated spot I’ve ever been to. The Maggies as the locals call them have more locations on any wind direction than I’ve ever seen before. If you want right-handers you got it. Lefts? No problem. Or if you’re keen for glassy flatwater it’s in abundance here as well. In two weeks it’s nearly impossible to explore all this island chain has to offer but give it a try. You won’t regret it.


This is the mecca of west coast kiteboarding and action sports enthusiasts. A place I hope to call home one day. Not just because of the kiteboarding, or the fact that it has the only freestanding kite park in the world, but because of all the other activities on tap in this humble little town. Did I mention that it has more brew pubs per capita than anywhere else in North America?

Hood River Kiteboarding Guide


Texas has a lot of great kiteboarding to offer along with the most cable parks in the world. The state now boasts over ten full-sized cable parks. I’ve had some all-time sessions in and around Corpus Christi and SPI but if the wind shuts down you can still ride. The world-class cable facilities include BSR, TSR and the newly-opened Republic Wake Park.

South Padre Island, Texas Kiteboarding Guide


Kiting on any old lake can be frustrating but these are the Great Lakes. The amount of spots to explore on the famous five are endless, whether on the Canadian or American side. And the quality of riding can be as good as anywhere in the world when the conditions line up. The fresh water of Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are definitely the favourites, but Lake Ontario and Lake Superior have lots on tap as well. Long Point, Sauble Beach, Sandbanks, Grand Haven, Tawas; the list goes on and on. Get out there and check out some new locations.

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