Covid Lockdown – with Reider Decker

Kitesurfing Magazine checks in with Cape Hatteras local, and Hatteras Wave Classic Champion Reider Decker.
Kitesurfing Magazine: How are you passing the time?
Reider Decker: Thankfully we can kite and surf still in Hatteras right now. So we have been getting in the water a lot and working on renovating the Hatteras Island Surf Shop and other building projects.
Kitesurfing Magazine: What is the scene like on the OBX right now?
Reider Decker: The whole county is shut down to everyone except permanent residents, which is not very many people. The amount of people around is similar to in January when it is typically freezing and kind of miserable but instead is sunny and windy and we are wearing shorts. It is a weird feeling.
Kitesurfing Magazine: What’s your favourite binge worthy show? 
Reider Decker: Ozark is epic. End of the FU****** WORLD and HAPPY on Netflix is a favorite of mine. Both dark and funny.
Kitesurfing Magazine: What your favourite Kite Movie from the past year?
Reider Decker: It’s not waves but The Death of Park by Knot Future was pretty sick, definitely impressive to put out that long of a video.
Kitesurfing Magazine: What’s your favourite kite film of all time?
Reider Decker: I think Space Monkeys 2 were they kite Indo is my favorite but its been a while since I watched it.
Kitesurfing Magazine: Have you read any good books recently?
Reider Decker: Haha not really but one I recommend is Apathy and other small victories. It’s like Office Space in a book. It makes you feel better about your life even during quarentene.
Kitesurfing Magazine: Do you do any cooking? What’s your favourite recipe?
Reider Decker: Vegi stir fry in a wok. Cook up a bunch a veggies and make a sauce with garlic, ginger, shiracha, soy sauce, rice vinegar, a little sesame oil and a sweetener. It’s dynamite.
Kitesurfing Magazine: Bucket List Trip?
Reider Decker: Fiji!
Kitesurfing Magazine: Parting thoughts?
Reider Decker: We get hurricanes a lot on the island that have the island shut down for weeks or sometimes even months. So the pandemic feels a little like the whole world is getting hit by hurricane. It gives a feeling of global solidarity of sorts. A very small silver lining to a incredibly shitty situation.