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Jack Rieder – Covid Lockdown

Kitesurfing Magazine catches up with the 2019 Canadian Kitesurfing Champion Jack Rieder. He is semi-locked down on Canada’s west coast in British Colombia, healing up from a broken Femur suffered during a shallow water crash in South Africa.

Kitesurfing Magazine: How are you passing the time in Vancouver, BC?

Jack Rieder: Around Vancouver we are lucky enough not to be in a full lockdown, so I have been making the most of my time with rehab. I have been doing a lot of biking with my brother and too many squats to count to heal up quickly. I was also passing a lot of my time doing schoolwork, although I just finished my degree a couple days ago and I’m feeling very free now!

Kitesurfing Magazine: Where did you go to school and what did you do your degree in?
I actually did my entire degree online while travelling over the last 3 years. Queen’s University is one of the only schools in Canada that offers entire undergraduate degrees online, which is why I chose the school. I received a BA focusing primarily on economics and employment law & relations.
Kitesurfing Magazine: Are they planning a virtual graduation? How’s that work in the time of Covid?
With the online degree program I was going to be invited to the school to attend a graduation in person, however that will no longer be the case. They continue to send out questionnaires asking for feedback on how the students would like to go about graduation celebrations. So far the general consensus is that we will have an online ceremony, and they hope to offer an in person graduation ceremony at a later date. It is funny to think that I have a degree from a school I will now potentially never even see in person.

Kitesurfing Magazine: What’s your favourite binge worthy show? 

Jack Rieder: The most recent binge worthy show I found was money heist! After that I got into Outer Banks, which I find funny and interesting because of my previous trips down there.

Kitesurfing Magazine: What your favourite Kite Movie from the past year?

Jack Rieder: I wouldn’t say I have a favourite single kite movie from the last year, although I have been enjoying the “Sessions” videos on the Airush YouTube channel. They cover a lot of different disciplines; through my injury I have become more appreciative of the other disciplines that I can do during my healing process and I am getting to experience sides of the sport I otherwise probably never would have gotten to.

Kitesurfing Magazine: What’s your favourite kite film of all time?

Jack Rieder: DE BRAZIL. No question! That is the kite film that got me so stoked on freestyle and created my dream of being a professional kiteboarder travelling to Brazil for the perfect flat water!

Kitesurfing Magazine:  Have you read any good books recently?

Jack Rieder: I’m not a big reader, but I have been reading up on drone rules and courses to try and get my license to fly my drone legally with all the new rules put in places in Canada.

Kitesurfing Magazine: Do you do any cooking? What’s your favourite recipe?

Jack Rieder: I’m a pretty bland cook to be honest. I don’t make many “recipe worthy” meals but I do strongly suggest trying the Chocolatey Chunk Cookie mix. Throw them in the over, and poor a glass of milk and they are glorious haha.

Kitesurfing Magazine: Bucket List Trip?

Jack Rieder: I think my new bucket list trip is CapeTown South Africa (again). My first trip ended about 3 days in and from then on I could barely walk due to my broken femur. I got just enough of a taste that I know CapeTown will be an incredible trip full of amazing adventures. I want to go back and do it again the right way! Spend a longer time there and finish the trip in one piece with no added metal.

Kitesurfing Magazine: Parting thoughts?

Jack Rieder: I have learned a lot from my injury, and it seems very applicable to life as well, especially with the world’s current situation. I came to appreciate the smaller things due to being injured. All the freedom we get from being healthy is truly amazing and not taking advantage of it is a crime. I am going to rehab hard until I am back to 100% and then I will never skip out on that early morning hike, bike ride, or kite session ever again.

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