On the Cover: Danny Barnette



On the Cover: Volume 3, Issue 1 Boink The Barge

When hurricanes throw barges your way, you boink ‘em!


“I woke abruptly to my entire beach cottage shaking violently. The windows were creaking and cracking as the wind pressured to come inside. Broken tree branches slammed against the house in the strong winds. Even the toilet bowl water sloshed back and forth. The sound of rain plastering the house was deafening, but a soothing constant in the midst of all the chaos. I glanced towards the clock, but the power was out. Total darkness. A bright light came on as my phone read just past 3 am. Hurricane Matthew had arrived.

Hurricanes devastate, and this holds especially true if you live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina; a thin strip of land 22 miles out from the main land in the Atlantic Ocean. Category 3 Hurricane Matthew was never forecasted to make landfall there, but that all changed just hours before the storm drastically altered its course and directly hit the little sand bar of Cape Hatteras.

The state of North Carolina declared a mandatory evacuation for the island, however, residents may choose to remain exempt from this decree. Pre and post hurricanes always produce the most epic conditions, and this time, the forecast was no different. If extreme conditions were to be had, I wanted to be there. I wasn’t leaving.

The morning following the storm, I awoke to complete devastation. Hurricane Matthew’s 100 mph-plus winds wreaked havoc overnight. The island was underwater, as deep as eight feet in some areas. Hot tubs, washing machines, downed trees and even a stray boat scattered my front yard the next morning. Among the local wreckage was a 35 ton, nearly 200 foot long dredging barge. She broke loose overnight, drifted over 35 miles south, where she beached herself behind Ocean Air Sports, nearly demolishing a house; but in perfect position for a little slider action.

A day that started off with hurricane cleanup ended with a very unique riding scenario. With leftover hurricane winds and a kite in hand I got to check out the barge up close and personal with a ‘boink the barge’ sunset session. Sticking around for this epic session made waiting out the hectic hurricane well worth it.”—Danny Barnette

Location: Avon, Outer Banks, NC
Rider: Danny Barnette
Photo: Drew McKenzie