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Head-to-Head Kitesurfing Gear TestsCore XR Pro vs. Core XR8: Head-to-Head Review

Core XR Pro vs. Core XR8: Head-to-Head Review

Matt Nuzzo and REAL Pro Austin Leder ride and review the XR8 and the new XR Pro back to back in the REAL slick.

Core XR8:
Who it’s for:

  • Suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced riders.

Key Features:

  1. Simplicity: It’s a “sheet and go” power kite. Simple mechanics make it user-friendly.
  2. Relaunch: Known for its excellent relaunch capabilities.
  3. Versatility: A go-to choice for both lesson centers and those wanting to engage in Big Air.
  4. Control: Even when overpowered, the XR8 offers significant control, allowing riders to be in command of their movements.
  5. Steering with Depower: One of its unique features is the ability to steer even when fully depowered, which can be critical for beginners.

Core XR Pro:
Who it’s for:

  • Designed specifically for pro-level riders.

Key Features:

  1. Speed: It’s noticeably faster, especially in turns.
  2. Recovery: Better recovery in loops due to its light nature.
  3. Rigidity: Made from alula, it’s more rigid in structure.
  4. Design: This isn’t just the XR8 with alula. It’s redesigned entirely to cater to the performance enhancement that alula provides. The redesign involved skinnier struts, a different leading edge, and a change in the airfoil.
  5. Power Delivery: The XR Pro provides a more aggressive pop off the water, leading to intense power delivery.
  6. Performance: It’s more direct, and every motion feels intensified. Riding the XR Pro is likened to driving a sports car or an F1 car; you feel everything.


  • The XR8 is seen as more controlled, making it an easy choice for kiteboarding, especially for beginners.
  • The XR Pro, on the other hand, is intense and designed for those who want that higher performance and are ready to handle its powerful nature. It’s the sports car of the kite world.

While both the Core XR8 and the XR Pro are exceptional kites, they cater to different audiences. The XR8 is versatile, easy to control, and great for beginners, whereas the XR Pro is for those who seek an intense, high-performance experience. If you’re someone who values the thrill and power of a sports car, the XR Pro is the kite for you.

Get your XR8 here today:…

Get your XR Pro here today:


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