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Core Sensor 3S Review

The Core Sensor 3S bar is packed with technical features and quality components. The quick release cup features  a push away engagement and easy, single handed reassembly. The rubberized bar ends are nice and grippy when the kite needs to be aggressively turned by grabbing one side of the bar. With the fold away bar winders at the bar ends, the Sensor 3S very streamlined, low profile and light in the hands. The main trim line features two lines coated with a soft PVC that protects the lines and also ensures that the front lines auto untwist as the bar is sheet out towards the kite. The Sensor 3 work perfectly with Section kite in the waves, giving great feedback and response from the kite while at the same time it feels light in the hands and less clunky when there is less line tension while riding down the line. The unique hybrid system, the SSF, merges the benefits of single, double, and fifth line safety systems. Upon activation, the system releases the front line below the “Y”, reducing its pull. While a pulley mechanism contracts the upper front line above the “Y”, positioning the kite for a stable and straightforward relaunch.

SSF Safety System

Features Breakdown:

  • Carbon Soul & Titanium Core: These two combined make the bar not only lightweight but incredibly durable. CORE’s dedication to utilizing high-quality materials is evident in their choice of titanium and carbon fiber.
  • Stealth Winders: A nod to minimalistic design, the bar ends are clean and non-obtrusive. The fold-away bar winders are nifty and reduce any potential for snagging.
  • GripLoc: The asymmetric grip enhances the handling experience. The contrasting color scheme is a functional addition, ensuring riders always know the orientation of the bar, especially crucial during intense sessions.
  • Tectanium® Vario Lines: Developed in collaboration with Liros, these lines are aerodynamically superior and remarkably durable. Their adjustability across different lengths also means that riders can customize their setup based on preferences.
  • Safety System: The CIC Release system is both intuitive and efficient. The quick-release mechanism is straightforward, and the reconnection is hassle-free. Supported Single Frontline Safety (SSF) is a well-thought-out hybrid safety system.
  • Quality: From spliced ends for better aerodynamics to replaceable bar inserts and anti-slip coatings, the Sensor 3S Pro bar speaks of quality in every detail.
Core wins the award for best bar video!

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