Blade Trigger

Review Synopsis: Matured performance with good low-end, efficient upwind drive and exceptional boosting.

The Good Stuff:

The Trigger is in its sixth generation and the 2015 version steps up its classic, easy-to-access performance with some better boost, more direct handling and improved stability combined with smoother power delivery through the turns. The Trigger has a compact and aggressive control bar and it flies directly off the V bridle offering power and pull, and when sheeted, feels solid and well-balanced. The narrow leading edge of the Trigger makes it agile at upwind angles and the wider, newly-designed wing tips arm the Trigger with some quicker steering response and smooth powered turns. Test riders were impressed with the jumping ability and easy pull and improved stability from previous generations. It’s a well-balanced and good-powered kite as well, and the 10 meter worked easily in the surf. The quick depower, good depowered drift and reactive steering off a compact bar system makes it an ideal wave blaster. The wide wingtips also ensure you can initiate a turn while highly depowerd. Water relaunch is quick and effortless even in gusty or light winds or ocean side currents. The Trigger depowers well and doesn’t require much throw to shed some pull, which is great in the surf when you carve toe side turns or want to shed the power quickly. The Trigger’s easy-to-find and easy-to-use power will be appreciated by any rider, making this kite a gem for advancing skills in multiple disciplines.

The Trade Off:

The narrow leading edge should be pumped up to the recommended PSI levels to ensure the Trigger flies to its full potential.

Best For:

Progressing rider to the intermediate-to-advanced freerider that wants a kite for any day and any condition.

Size Tested: 12, 10

Sizes Available: 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14