Best Videos of 2015 – Jesse Richman

This month Kitesurfing Magazine is asking pro kiteboarders for their favourite kiteboarding videos of 2015. Today Kitesurfing Magazine checks out Maui pro rider Jesse Richman’s favourites.

Favorite kite video of 2015?
“Nick Jacobsen – Fly me to the Moon, because Nick thinks about kiting differently and shows the world how ridiculous you can be with a kite, a smile and some fireworks.”—Jesse Richman

Favorite video that you produced/started in?

“This was a really fun project! The Naish R&D team and I came up with the concept of Grom Sitting and then I took the lead to direct the movie. We had a bunch of rad kids running around and the stoke that they have is so contagious, I remember the days when I was their age and was so focused on having fun and kiteboarding. All I wanted to do is kite, and to share that time with these kids is a treat. They know how to have fun so I got the please of showing them some of the ways I like to have fun…Like jumping over another kite with a kid on your back…. Madness and fun was the goal, we definitely succeed that and I believe that we even came out with a cool video that shared the stoke we felt.”—Jesse Richman

Favorite Naish product Video?
“In April the Naish Team came to Maui and we had an incredible few weeks putting all the new 2016 gear to the test, this video was the result. The conditions we had were pretty epic and the team made it look good. I had some of my best sessions to date during the making of this.”—Jesse Richman