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From The Mag2016 Naish Skater Tested

2016 Naish Skater Tested

DESIGN FEATURES: This thinner-profiled and more heavily-channelled directional freeride shape has unique feel and performance. The Skater is a playful hybrid for both waves and flatwater. The thinner rails make the board feel small and manoeuvrable while the parallel rails and thruster fin set up keep you tracking upwind with good power.

FREERIDING/FREESTYLE: The Skater is a versatile and unique surf shape that may be the perfect introduction to surfboard riding. The Skater is stable and tracks easily and smoothly upwind with no bounce or confusion. The test team riders were impressed with how fun the Skater is with or without straps. One of the best surfboards on the test to rip around with straps on and boost some big airs. The thinner profile and solid construction give you confidence to boost and land. Unlike a lot of surfboards the set up in the straps feels comfortable even while riding railed down and powered. The deep channels on the nose are great for landing switch or nose rides. A fun stick to have for any condition. Whether you’re a pro boosting strapless airs, or a beginner learning the ropes, the Skater is good choice.

RIDING SURF: The Skater really slices up the waves nicely. It can be quick and nimble to the pocket and is truly a wave-bashing-and-hopping machine in sloppier, onshore surf. It feels more hybrid-like on a wave because it’s so thin, but it can tear into bottom and top turns and it’s unmatched for some quick lip bashing.

BEST FOR:  Fun and versatile in any condition, and works well with straps.

Length: 5’2”, 5’6’
Width: 17 .”, 17 7/8”
Thickness: 1 .”, 1 .”
Width 6” from tail: 12 .”, 12 .”
Width 12” from tail: 14 .”, 15”
Width 18” from tail: 16” , 16 .”
From tail to max width: 30”, 31”
Fin set up: Thruster

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